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Recruitment Services

Staff Augmentation

Our Hiring Approach Makes Sure You Get the Right Talent Our strategically designed specialized hiring solutions make sure that you get the right candidate. We help companies hire experienced and right talent. We Discover Values Not Just the Possibilities for You Our lateral hiring programs thoroughly study skills and potential of the candidate.

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Contract Staffing

Handle All Your Short Span Workload Spikes or Backlogs with Our Contract Staffing Solutions. Dykocs offers staffing solutions for all your resource requirements and help you reduce employment liability irrespective of the duration of the workload. Capitalize on Dykocs staffing ability.

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Executive Recruitment Services

Dykocs is leading staffing firm offering specialized Executive Search and Professional conscriptions in all fields. Our strategic and tactical solution is our key to meet our clients’ Human Capital requirements.

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Managed Services

Dykocs leverages decades of experience in the IT sector in order to save time and to serve the IT goals of your organization.

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